“There has never been a more important time for Karin to share the story of her pregnancy and birth with us. Maternity care in Australia is at an all time low. Currently in Australia we have scandalous rates of unnecessary intervention and caesareans and women are walking away from what should be the most amazing, transforming time on their lives, feeling sad, confused and disempowered… Karin’s story is brave, confronting and a sad but true indictment of how difficult it is to achieve a satisfying vaginal birth in our system today. I encourage you to see this film if you are thinking of having a baby, have had a baby or are working in the system or along side it. We must reclaim birth four our daughters and our sons. The Australian Doula College endorses her film and wishes her well.”

—The Australian Doula College

“A Breech in the System is a wonderfully inspirational and moving documentary. I would highly recommend it. The film offers a wonderful opening for women to start talking about their choices and rights in our maternity system. It is a great tool that can be used to show what could be possible for women not only in a breech delivery situation but also what we couldaspire to in our maternity care system – where midwives and obstetricians are standing by a woman’s choice and giving her all the support she needs to have a safe and fulfilling birth, according to her choice. At the premier screening in Byron Bay a panel discussion (led by a midwife, obstetrician, lawyer and birth activists) highlighted the discontent and trauma that so many women are still living with – some for 20 years or more. One of Karin Ecker’s strong messages is that women need to take responsibility for the choices they make and work together with care givers to manage that choice.”

—Vicki-lee McAllister, from Maternity Coalition’s Northern Rivers Maternity Action Group

“This is a beautiful and moving film with superb photography!!!”

—Sheila Kitzinger

“Inspiring and informative, A Breech in the System shows us that love and determination can move mountains in maternity care. Congratulations to Karin for her courage, her joyous breech birth and her exhilarating film, which will empower and support midwives and doctors, as well as parents seeking a gentle birth in unexpected circumstances.”

—Dr Sarah J Buckley, GP/family physician, Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering